copper bars, rods and plates, copper alloys

We may also offer you:

copper bars, rods and plates

copper strips and sheets

brass bars

bronze bars and tubes


    Cooper bars, rods and plates, Copper alloys
Round Stretched DIN175607.69

Square Sharped Edge DIN1761 07.69
Rounded Edge 46433 11.59 EN 13601
Rectangular Sharped Edge DIN 759 07.69 EN12167 EN13601 Rounded Edge 46433 11.59 en 13601
Profile and Hexagonal Sharped Edge DIN1763 07.69 EN12163 EN12164 EN13601 Rounded Edge 46433 11.59 EN 13601
Copper plate and copper alloys Cut into sheets in cold till a thickness of 5 mm DIN 1751 EN 1652-13599 Cut into sheets in hot DIN 17675 EN 1653

We may also offer you brass and bronze bars.

Brass bars:

Round brass bars 

                    -  dimensions:  Ø 3 - 100 mm

Square brass bars

                    -   dimensions:  3 - 9, 5x6, 6x9, 9x12, 12x18 and many others

Hexagonal brass bars

                    -   dimensions: 3 - 80mm


Bronze bars and tubes:


Dimensions of bars: diameter:    Ø 20 - 100

length: 350 - 600 mm

We also make Bronze tube on demand with specified dimensions.

All this products are produced in Serbia. Therefore, we can supply them with ~ Eur 1~ form. This mean that they are not subject to additional 4.8% European duty!

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    In our offer we also have:

                Soft copper tubes

                ● Half - hard copper tubes

                Hard copper tubes

                PVC coated copper tubes

                Copper tubes for LPG vehicles 


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