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If you are looking for information's regarding copper, copper tubes, pipes, bars, rods, wire, conductors and cables, fittings, accessories you are on the right place... Since primitive man first discovered copper, the red metal has constantly served the advancement of civilization.

In our production program we have::

 Copper tubes and pipes with or without PVC cover, copper bars, rods and plates,    copper conductors and cables, capillary tubes, copper strips and sheets, copper wire, enamelled copper wire, trolley wire, brass and bronze bars and tubes, copper disks, copper, bronze, brass ingots, copper fittings, copper tape and foil...


In our offer we have copper tubes and pipes with inner diameter  Ø 5 - 76 mm and wall thickness 0.35-2.5 mm, in

                               - soft condition,

                               - half-hard condition and

                               - hard condition

with Imperial and Metric dimensions. Kitemarked.

We also have copper tubes and pipes with smaller outside diameter (capillary tubes).

Our copper tubes are produced in Serbia of high phosphorus copper, designation Cu-DHP (according to EN 1057), with guaranteed copper content of 99,95% min. and phosphorus content 0.015 - 0.040%. We can also offer you many other copper alloys.

All Copper products are produced in Serbia of 100% Serbian copper. Therefore,  we can supply it with  ~ Eur 1~  form. This means that they are not subject to additional 4.8% European duty!


Our copper tubes are widely applied: Gas and heating systems, water supply installations (plumbing), cooling facilities and appliances (refrigeration and air conditioning systems), fire protection systems, medical gas installations, thermostats (capillary tubes), automotive braking circuits (copper brake pipes), various branches of industry (shipbuilding, production of machinery, chemical industry, food industry)... 

We distribute to the following European Specifications (EN, NF, DIN):

EN 1057     Water/Gas/Sanitation

EN 12449   General Engineering

EN 12451   Heat Exchanges

EN 12735-1     Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

EN 13348   Medical Gases and Vacuum

EN 13600   Electrical Purposes


 We have sanitary and industrial copper tubes mostly of the following standards:            

  EN 1057, EN 12735-1, EN 12449, EN 13600, ASTM B280, ASTM B68/251,    

ASTM B88, ASTM B111, GOST 617, GOST 11383 ...


Copper tubes coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are intended for water, heating, gas, air, fluid and other installations.


Technical and technological parameters in product manufacturing and quality monitoring processes are in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 (certificate by British Standards Institution) and according to quality designations: KITEMARK (United Kingdom), KIWA (Holland), WHI and DWV (Canada).


In our offer we also have copper conductors, cables, wire, ropes .

New in our offer are  Trolley wire and Copper fittings .
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