bars, rods and plates

We may also offer you brass and bronze bars.

Brass bars:


Round brass bars 

                    -  dimensions:  Ø 3 - 100 mm

Square brass bars

                    -   dimensions:  3 - 9, 5x6, 6x9, 9x12, 12x18 and many others

Hexagonal brass bars

                    -   dimensions: 3 - 80mm




Bronze bars and tubes:


Dimensions of bars: diameter:    Ø 20 - 100

length: 350 - 600 mm

We also make Bronze tube on demand with specified dimensions.

All this products are produced in Serbia. Therefore, we can supply them with ~ Eur 1~ form. This mean that they are not subject to additional 4.8% European duty!



For information for sizes and prices please email us at
or telephone us on +381(0)11 3970 300

  • In our offer we also have:

                Soft copper tubes

                ● Half - hard copper tubes

                Hard copper tubes

                PVC coated copper tubes

                Copper tubes for LPG vehicles 


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