Round & rectangular enamelled copper wire


Enamelled Copper Wires are available in various dimensions covering as per customers requirements. Our quality, reliability and efforts to give satisfaction have placed us in a unique position within the winding industry.


For application in telecommunication and electro industry, enamelled wire 0,02 up to 5,00 mm diameter, temperature class 105 up to 200° C is manufactured. Enamelled wire insulation is on the basis of polyurethane, polyvinyl formal, polyester, polyesteramide and polyesterimide.

Special products are manufactured of enamelled wire of small diameters as follows: cables, flexible conductors and braids.



For manufacturing of transformators, electromotors and electrical counters windings, shaped enamelled wire is manufactured with the biggest section 40 mm2, temperature class 120° C, enamel insulated on the basis of polyvinyl formal and polyvinyl acetate.


This type of dynamo wire, natural silk insulated, 0,1 up to 0,5 mm diameter is manufactured for application in electrical devices and small motors.


Our customers include manufacturers of electric motors, generators and transformers, rewind workshops, shipyard repairs as well as domestic appliances, power tools and automotive components.


Copper conductors, cables, wire and ropes are produced in Serbia of 100% Serbian copper and aluminium. Therefore, we can supply them with ~ Eur 1~ form. This mean that they are not subject to additional 4.8% European duty!


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or telephone us on +381(0)11 3970 300


In our offer we also have:

            Soft copper tubes

            ● Half - hard copper tubes

            Hard copper tubes

            PVC coated copper tubes

            Copper tubes for LPG vehicles 

            Conductors, cables and wire

            Trolley and catenaries wire


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