PVC coated copper tubes

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    ::  PVC coated copper tubes

    For more aggressive environments, copper tube with a PVC sheath may be an effective method of protection against attack.

    Copper tubes coated with polyvinylchloride (PVC) are intended for water, heating, gas, air, fluid and other installations.

    Material used to coat copper tubes is polyvinylchloride (PVC) of the following characteristics:

    • Density: 1400 - 1500 kg/m³
    • Elongation: 207 %
    • Breaking strength: 14 N/mm 2
    • Maximum working temperature: +95°C
    • Minimum bending temperature: -10°C


    The PVC is tightly extruded onto the tube and is available in black and white colors with blue or red print according to customer requirements.

     Advantages of PVC-coated copper tubes are: major reduction of heat loss, prevention of burns in users, PVC coating protects copper tubes from aggressive environments and prolongs its service life. Plastic insulation layer is elastic and enables bending and all other working operations during installation.

    Coptech doo can, on buyer’s request, offer coated plastic hard and half-hard copper tubes in straight lengths. Soft PVC-coated copper tubes are delivered in coils, while other PVC-coated copper tubes are delivered in straight lengths. The following data can be marked lengthwise on plastic-coated copper tubes:

    Manufacturer’s designation


    Outer diameter

    Wall thickness

    Quarter/year of production

  • Requested Standard (for example "LPG 67R01")


    ::  Plastic coated copper tubes - sizes, weight and allowable pressures:

    Available in Imperial and Metric dimensions.

    DxS (mm) 6x0,8 8x0,8 10x0,8 12x0,8 15x0,8 16x0,8 18x0,8 22x1,0
    Weight (kg/m)* 0,117 0,162 0,207 0,252 0,319 0,341 0,386 0,590
    Flow (l/m) 0,015 0,032 0,055 0,085 0,141 0,163 0,211 0,314
    Pressure (bar)* 115 87 69 58 46 44 39 38

    * Copper tube weight only (excluding PVC coat)
    ** For soft copper tubes and safety factor N=5

    Standard delivery conditions for plastic-coated copper tubes

    Temper designation Tube diameter (mm)* Delivery condition* Packaging
    R220 (soft)

    18 -22

    25 m coil

    R220 (soft)

    6 -16

    50m coil


    * Values indicated in the table relate to outer diameter (excluding PVC coat). PVC coat thickness ranges from 1.4 to 2.0 mm.


    PVC coated copper tubes delivery method



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